A coaches coaching style should be adaptable. If you coach soccer, for example, you should be aware that not each athlete on the soccer team should be coached the same way. Some of the soccer athletes may need to be motivated to exercise and workout more frequently. Some athletes may need you to encourage them to show up for and do their exercise program. One of the challenges a soccer coach is likely to encounter is to getting some of the athletes on their soccer team to do anything that even closely resembles their assigned workout routine. Soccer coaches should be careful to recognize, however, that some athletes will not know when they are doing too much and will then be likely to acquire one sports injury after another. That situation will be very bad for the athlete and for the soccer coach.

Some people push themselves too hard.

Once athletes reach a certain level. They may begin to workout strenuously twice per day. Some may even workout twice per day, seven days per week.

Athletes can become obsessed with trying to do more to get ahead. The world of competitive sports does attract a high percentage of competitive people.

These individuals can reach a point where most of their thoughts revolve around their workout routine and every fitness competition. They may have friends, family members or others trying to force themselves to work even harder.

All the pressure that is placed on them by others and by themselves can be very damaging.

These athletes are prone to not getting enough rest. An athlete who takes a day off once in a while and is able to get plenty of rest will perform better.

These athletes are likely to become injured. A sports injury is never good.

These athletes are likely to start catching the flu and every cold that comes along.

These athletes are likely to drain their bodies of the nutrients they need to be able to perform optimally.

These athletes are candidates for always feeling disappointed. They always feel as if anything they achieve is not enough.

These athletes may be spending so much time focusing on exercising and their sport that the rest of their life will get placed on a backburner.

They may have important people in their life who they are not spending enough time with.

If they are single, they may be procrastinating marriage and having a family.

It is important for everyone to have balance in their lives. When someone spends so much time and effort cultivating one area of their life, other areas of their life may suffer.

If you are coaching this type of individual. You may be the person who will need to create a more suitable workout plan for them and tell them when the time is appropriate:

You need and easier exercise program for awhile…
Here’s a workout tip, take a day off…
Get some rest…
Spend some time with your family, friends, hobbies, etc…
Take some vitamins…
Hey, come in out of the rain…
Go and see a movie…
Think about something other than your sport for awhile…

Sometimes coaches or onlookers are better at recognizing when someone needs some downtime. A person who is desperately trying to achieve something may not know when to take a break. Sometimes an athletes entire workout program needs to be revitalized.

Surveys have determined that in order for people to be truly happy; they need to spend 1/3 of their day, every day being involved in rest and leisurely type activities.

Being busy from the time someone wakes up until the time they go to bed every day is too much.

In todays society where most families need to have both parents earning an income in order for the family to be able to pay their bills has made it more challenging for families to be able to experience enough rest and leisure activity.

Some people need to place a significant amount of effort into figuring out how they can have a schedule that is not overly taxing on themselves.

Sometimes pushing harder and doing more is not the answer. Sometimes less is more.

Every soccer team needs a soccer coach. It is a commmon personality trait for most people to be extremely focused on themselves, what they are doing, what everyone is thinking about them, doing for them or not doing for them. Unfortunately, it is also a common tendency for many people to think they are experts regarding how other people should do things even when the individuals who think they are qualified to pass out the advice have never successfully achieved the thing they are recommending other people should do.

If you coach soccer and you have successfully mastered the art of improving your soccer game by having tailored your exercise program to continually improve your physical fitness level; congratulations, you have obtained some very valuable knowledge that you can pass onto others. If you already understand how to avoid sports injuries because you have had sports injuries and you have learned from your mistakes. (Many people repeat the same behaviors over and over again, even when their behaviors don’t give them positive results). Just because someone has had a sports injury; that does not mean, they will change their behavior in the future to avoid having the same sports injury again. If your personal workout routine has included an excellent diet plan that matches your bodies needs. You are at a big advantage. Because many people don’t learn from their mistakes. Because many people are so concerned with many things that are not always that important (like what everyone else thinks of them, if they are doing what their parents think they should be doing, if they are impressing their friends, yada, yada, yada). It is important for anyone who is coaching soccer to be able to objectively assess what each soccer players needs are. You may have an athlete on your soccer team who is completely wearing themselves out for one reason or another. If you can recognize when this is the case, can find a solution to the problem and can implement the solution. You may have a very dramatic and positive impact on that athletes entire life. You may also be improving your soccer team’s performance level overall.


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