Tuesday the 13th proved an unlucky day for football fans everywhere. The 5th day of the competition was highly anticipated with the debut of the French and Brazilian teams. The former boasting all their main stars were expected to enter the tournament in a decisive way erasing from memory their awful 2002 performance. The latter are expected by many to repeat their 2002 triumph.

Unfortunately, neither of the two teams performed according to expectations. France, meeting a much younger Swiss side, managed to put everyone to sleep with its very unimaginative play. The Tricolor failed for their 4th consecutive World Cup appearance to score a single goal. Tierry Henry, the premiership’s top scorer, could not deliver in several key moments of the game. Even Zidane, in his last appearance in this tournamet, was disappointing. The final result, a 0-0 tie, is a clear reflection of the low quality of football played by both teams. France will have to do much better or they will not go very far in this competition.

Brazil, on the other hand, managed to squeeze a win past a hard working Croatia team. Brazil started the game in control and managed to finish the half ahead by a goal. Kaka was the goal scorer late in the half with a beautiful shot from the top of the box. Unfortunately, Brazil practically fell asleep in the second half allowing a more upbeat Croatian side to create some chances and hopes of getting a positive result out of this meeting. The Brazilians managed to hold on to their lead until the end and now have the upper hand in terms of winning their group. Ronaldo has been in the spotlight recently because of his weight and everyone was expecting a good performance from him to quell any doubts. He performed poorly and eventually he was substituted in the 69th minute. Selecao will have to do better to satisfy their fans.


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