We waited for 4 years. A total of 32 teams are going to battle in Germany for the title of world champions. Will the Brazilians dazzle everyone with their skills and cruise their way to the title? Will the English finally perform in a major competition? Will the Italians play some football for once or just show off their new hairstyles? Will an underdog finally win a world cup? Are we going to see some quality football? So many questions and only 1 month before we know all the answers.

It is expected that 1.5 billion people worldwide are going to be watching. This will most certainly affect global financial patterns. But most importantly, there is going to be a lot of pissed off wives out there. And how can anyone convince these innocent creatures to watch football? Do you have any idea how ugly most of the players really are? If not, just venture over to http://www.uglyfootballers.com -Warning: visiting this site will most certainly result in you wanting to rip your eyes out and feed them to the dogs.

If you still have your vision, the tournament’s opening game was a pleasure to watch. The German machine thrashed what is believed to be one of the weakest teams in the tournament, Costa Rica. But hey, the boys from Costa Rica sure gave them a scare. I was cheering for these underdogs and I will be supporting all the underdogs of the tournament. Go Trinidad and Tobago, Togo, Australia, Paraguay, Angola and so forth.


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