Beckham hasn’t quite completed his transition from European to American soccer but he sure realized the obviousness of the truth. Major League Soccer sucks! To be fair, this is far more obvious when comparing MLS to the higher quality competition of European leagues. According to an article on Times Online,

Barely a month after lifting the Spanish title with esteemed Real Madrid teammates such as Raúl and Ruud van Nistelrooy, Beckham had to endure the sight of his new colleagues being embarrassed in a 3-0 home defeat by Tigres, the Mexican club. Miserable and unacceptable were the words used by Alexei Lalas, the Galaxy general manager, who must have been squirming in his seat next to his club’s new star signing.

Maybe Beckham thought that because Lalas was ready and willing to pay him 250 million dollars to make the trip to the American continent that MLS was a good league. Surprise Mr. Beckham, but it ain’t. And you know what? It is only going to get worst for you from now on since all of these hacks that you will have the pleasure to play against are going to won’t a piss of you. Why? Because, they will be trying to make a name for themselves by shutting you down. I hope that you are ready for all the heat. Maybe it is not too late to go back to Europe.


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