I’ve always envied Ronaldinho for his exceptional skills on the soccer pitch but after seeing the video below, I now mostly envy him for his skills on the dance floor; and the fact that he gets to show off his moves with such a hot girl. Obviously any person as famous and as rich as Ronaldinho would probably get to spend time with lots of attractive girls so it is no surprise that he has found himself in such a fortunate predicament.. I just hope that the dance included a happy ending so that its memory can help him forget his recent woes on the soccer field (the video is from a year ago possibly while he was partying during the World Cup;) it is not known whether the video was shot secretly or in Ronaldinho’s knowledge but it sure didn’t take long before it hit the airwaves and subsequently the Internet. The video of Ronaldinho dancing with a hot blond is below.


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  1. Eric Williams on June 11th, 2009 2:13 am

    great job!

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