1. Of the 16 national teams that have qualified for the tournament, Denmark is the only country that will not be present but has won the trophy. All other Euro winners will be there including, Greece (2004), Germany (1972, 1980, 1996), Italy (1968), Netherlands (1988), Spain (1964), Czech Rebuplic (as Czechoslovakia in 1976), and Russia (as the Soviet Union in 1960)

2. The final draw to be held December 2nd in Lucerne will cost nearly 900,000 Euro. The city will pay one third of the cost while the rest will be split between the public sector and UEFA.

3. Lucerne is the first city in the history of the Euro where the final draw will be held but no tournament games will take place.

4. So far, only 3 of the countries that have qualified for the Euro 2008 finals have booked their hotels in Switzerland and Austria. Two of the countries are the co-organizes while the third is Germany. Most teams are waiting for the final draw before deciding on lodging.

5. Roughly 500 police officers from Switzerland traveled to Germany last month to learn about how to maintain a high level of security during the tournament; Germans learned much about security during a major soccer event when they hosted the World Cup in 2006.

6. Croatia’s players were the fairest of the qualifying round having received only six yellow cards, i.e., the fewest than any other team.

7. Most fouls were suffered by Andy Selva from San Marino for a grand total of 52. Cristiano Ronaldo was second with 48 fouls suffered.

8. It is estimated that 120 million people are going to watch the final draw on December 2nd.

9. During the qualifying round, a total of 307 games were played before 14 teams (and the two organizers) were determined for participation to the final.

10. Top scorer of the qualifying round was Northern Ireland’s David Healy who scored 13 goals. A total of 838 goals were scored by all teams in 307 games or 2.7 goals per game on average. Germany scored the most goals in one game with a 13-0 stomping of San Marino. Finally, a total of 21 games during the qualifying round ended in a scoreless tie.


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