Zinedine ZidaneIf you want to relive one of the more controversial plays of the past World Cup then go ahead and play the Zinedine Zidane head butt game. If you remember, Zidane attacked Italian defender Marco Materazzi during the France vs Italy final game when the latter verbally insulted the French superstar. Since the incident, it has become known that Materazzi said something demeaning about Zidane’s sister and he lost no time of defending her honor. Honestly, most men would have done the same thing. At the end of the day, just because the two were playing a soccer game that does not give Materazzi the right to say anything about not only Zidane’s but also anyone’s sister, mother or any other person close to them. The play was controversial because the referee did not see the incident and he was told about it by the game’s fourth referee not to mention of course that the Italian player who was just as guilty was not disciplined in the same manner. France lost the game to Italy who became 2006 World Cup champions adding salt to insult for Zidane who was having a great game and looked destined to finish his career with a World Cup trophy in his hands.

Nevertheless, we can all relive that moment and maybe punish Materazzi ourselves playing the well done flash game.

Play the Zidane Head Butt game.


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