Troubles have no end for Brazilian star Ronaldinho. In two years, he has turned from hero to scapegoat for Barcelona supporters. The culprit is mostly his dismal performance on the soccer pitch. Last year he was accused of gaining weight. Then, he was accused of partying too much during Germany’s World Cup tournament. This year, he has failed to lead his team to the top of Primera Divison; in fact, he has found himself playing as a substitute when he used to be an irreplaceable starting player. Barcelona is now 7 points behind rivals Real Madrid in the standings; this is after Barca lost to Madrid last weekend at home in the game that has traditionally been known as el classico. Of course, the game is no longer the huge match fans have come to expect from these two star-studded teams. Especially, as Barcelona’s star has deemed in recent years.

Ronaldinho with his sub par performance is often blamed for Barca’s woes. El Mundo newspaper has reported citing sources close to the soccer superstar that he is not happy at Nou Camp and he is seriously thinking of a transfer. Rumors have it that he might be moving to English club Chelsea.

Barcelona fans are not helping the situation continuing to treat Ronaldinho as an outcast. A few days ago, when the Barcelona star arrived at the El Prat Airport to catch his flight to Brazil (his destination for the holiday break), fans lost no chance to show their displeasure with him. The video below shows the events that transpired at the airport.


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