Greek midfielder Stelios Giannakopoulos has been one of the most successful players in the Premiership playing for the Bolton Wanderers. After missing out on most of the season due to injuries he finally came back not having been able to contribute as much as he used to. Stelios recently expressed his desire to leave Bolton because he doesn’t believe that he is part of manager Megson’s plans; and he really doesn’t want to end his career on the bench. But he is still a great soccer player and his actions on the soccer pitch speak louder than his words.

So, he showed Megson and everyone at Bolton that he still got it when he scored the winning goal against Derby last week. A win that Bolton desperately needed considering that they are at the bottom of the Premier League table this year. This prompted Bolton’s manager to give Stelios a vote of confidence declaring that he is a valuable member of the team and he doesn’t want him to leave.

Well done Stelios for using your skill to shut up your critics. When time comes to move teams, Greek club Olympiakos should be your destination. Go back to the team that you honored for so many years before going to the Premiership. The fans love you and would love to see you end your career with the Greek champions.


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