Brazilian and AC Milan striker Ronaldo has had some bad luck during his soccer playing career. And the bad luck sees no end for him. Unfortunately, the troubled star destroyed his knee once more during a game against Livorno. The doctors say that he raptured the ligaments in his left knee when his foot got stuck on the ground while he was making a move in front of the opposing net (see the video of Ronaldo’s most recent knee injury at the end of this post.)

Some might say that Ronaldo now at the age of 31 has incurred more injuries than he has scored goals. It is difficult to remember a season that the striker did not miss several games because of injuries. In fact, the most recent one occurred after he was making his comeback from another injury. The last time that he sustained a similar injury in the right knee, Ronaldo needed 2 years to fully recover; that was in 1999 when he was playing for Inter.

Many, including Ronaldo himself, fear that this might have been his very last soccer game. Such a terrible injury at this late stage of his career could be the end of his playing days. Not the most fitting end for a player who was named world player of the year three times and European footballer of the year twice. Before his move to Milan, he was often troubled with weight problems which kept him on Real Madrid’s bench; Capello must have been more than happy to offload the troubled Ronaldo onto Milan last year. And yet, Ronaldo scored 7 goals playing in 14 games for Milan showing the world that he still has a scoring touch.

At the end of the day, it is a terrible way for anyone to end such an illustrious soccer career. Just seeing Ronaldo cry while being carried away on a stretcher is heartbreaking to say the list. I hope that he finds the courage to come back and I hope that he will take advantage of this opportunity to shut up his critics before ending his career. Be well Ronald and come back soon!


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