Barcelona heads into its next match against Schalke with many doubts and uncertainties. The situation is currently a big mess, with the team not knowing what starters will be healthy enough to play. Currently Lionel Messi and Deco are not going to play and Samuel Eto’o and Ronaldinho are both questionable. Those four guys are […]

Even the professional strikers have bad moments. Luckily, we can all watch these later and have a good laugh about a millionaire who misses the open net from a few feet away and with no pressure. Check out some of the funniest soccer plays (actually, these are all soccer misses) in the video below.

Lots of exhibition games were played today as teams are preparing for the upcoming Euro 2008 competition which is just 70 days from now. Trophy holders Greece and 2004 hosts and runner ups Portugal met for a friendly game. Portugal was hoping to take revenge on the Greek team which like a dream managed to […]

What do crosstown rivals Inter Milan and AC Milan have in common? Both teams were eliminated from Champions League by English teams Liverpool and Arsenal respectively; and did I mention that both were humiliated at home? AC Milan was the first to bow out from the competition falling victim to a much younger and hungrier […]

This one is the best of all the parodies of the famous Zinedine Zidane head butt I have ever seen! Also, play the Zinedine Zidane head butt game.

The second leg of the Champions League round of 16 was a huge disappointment for defending champions AC Milan and their fans. The Italian team was ousted from the competition by a younger and more enthusiastic Arsenal team who managed to beat the odds and defeat Milan away from home. The game which was exciting […]

It is always sad when a promising and talented soccer player is seriously injured. It is even worse when the injury could have easily been avoided. Case in point, Eduardo da Silva’s broken leg injury that resulted from a sloppy tackle by Birmingham defender Martin Taylor a week ago. Arsenal’s young striker suffered a broken […]

Who knew that the best example of fair play would come from Italian soccer. And yet, it is true. But don’t get your hopes up that the wealthy professional teams of Serie A are involved in any way or form; they are busy being dishonest and fixing games. Soccer fair play was practically defined in […]