Who knew that the best example of fair play would come from Italian soccer. And yet, it is true. But don’t get your hopes up that the wealthy professional teams of Serie A are involved in any way or form; they are busy being dishonest and fixing games. Soccer fair play was practically defined in a Puglia League soccer game; in case you are wondering, the teams in this league are playing for the privilege of earning a spot in Serie D pretty far away from the money making Serie A. At any rate, the player who displayed the best instance of fair play is Francesco Cannarozzi who refused to score in an open net because a player from the opposing team was on the ground hurt. Cannarozzi certainly made up for giving up the goal scoring 3 minutes later to give his team the win and himself the 26th goal of the season. Regardless, his display of fair play is worth an award from UEFA. The video below shows the best example of fair play in soccer.


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