Barcelona heads into its next match against Schalke with many doubts and uncertainties. The situation is currently a big mess, with the team not knowing what starters will be healthy enough to play. Currently Lionel Messi and Deco are not going to play and Samuel Eto’o and Ronaldinho are both questionable. Those four guys are a big part of the core of the team and without them it will be tough for the rest of the players to win. At full strength, Barcelona would be very confident playing again Schalke, even in Germany, but current situation makes it hard to remain confident. The players are going to try to look the positive side of things so that they can come up with a much needed win. At the moment they don’t have much momentum going into tomorrow’s game in Germany. Barcelona has been struggling lately with only one win in their last seven games and has dropped to third place.

On top of that Schalke is on a bit of a hot streak, recently moving to third in the table. They are feeling very good about this game, especially due to Coach Mirko Slomka’s opportunistic attitude. He is encouraging his team to try their best at pulling off the upset over Barcelona to increase their chances of making the semi-finals at Nou Camp. He realizes that Barcelona is in a state of disarray at the moment and he is trying to push his to capitalize on it. Slomka did still state that his players couldn’t slack off because even if the four players don’t start for Barcelona, they will still have good players on the field who are more than capable of winning. It will be interesting to see how this unfolds and to see whether Barcelona can overcome the difficulties to win the game or whether Schalke can pull off the upset it is so greatly craving for.


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