This is why Roman Abramovich, owner of Chelsea, brought over Avram Grant to coach. It is because he believed that Grant was capable of what now has proven he could achieve: leading Chelsea to the Champions League finals. The team advanced today after edging Liverpool, in a 3-2 victory. Frank Lampard scored the winning goal […]

After an incredible ending to the first set of semi-final matches, Manchester United knocked out Barcelona FC with an aggregate of 1-0. The two team’s battled tough throughout the two legs of the semi-finals but Manchester managed a 1-0 win in the second game which spelled ruins for Barcelona. I personally had chosen Manchester to […]

Sir Alex Ferguson was all smiles during his recent interview with the media. He believes that his Manchester United team has a strong chance of winning the semi-finals match against Barcelona and moving into the finals. The manager of the team feels that his players are far superior when compared to the Barcelona team, this […]

AC Milan striker Ronaldo sure knows how to get the medias attention whether it is via his skillful play on the soccer pitch, unbelievably high number of knee injuries, and lastly hard his hard partying ways. The most recent incident involving Ronaldo and making the rounds in the media has more to do with his […]

Chelsea’s title hopes remain as alive as ever after a 2-1 victory over Manchester United on Saturday. Both teams are now tied for first place in the standings, but Chelsea has the significant momentum advantage. Manchester United had their fate in their own hands for a little bit, but have now lost that due to […]

This Saturday will be the big decider for the Premier League title. It is the moment we have all been waiting for and it couldn’t have come down to a more exciting finish with Chelsea taking on Manchester United for all the marbles. Both sides believe that they can win and that they are the […]

FC Bayern Munich was hoping for a simple passage into the UEFA cup finals, but as many teams in the past have learnt there is no such thing as an easy win in the world of soccer, especially when it’s down to the semi-finals of the league. Zenit St. Petersburg was the team standing in […]

Manchester United and Barcelona left the Champions League semi-final with no victor and no loser. The teams played solid defense and the goaltenders were phenomenal leading to a final score of 0-0. Despite the lack of a loser, Christiano Ronaldo left the game in disappointment after failing to capitalize on a good chance after three […]

Barcelona and Manchester United will be squaring off in the champions league semi-final and the clash of two superstars will be on hand for the match, which should cause for some interesting play. Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo will be meeting each other in this game and most people can’t wait to see how the […]

Rafael Benetiz was clear when he recently stated that Torres is the player Liverpool relies on to get them out of trouble and without Torres the team wouldn’t be where it is today. Liverpool is about to play their first leg of the semi-final champions leagues match against Chelsea tonight and they will be looking […]

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