With the start of EURO2008 only a bit over two months away I thought I would share my predictions for the winner of each group (see also the UBS Euro 2008 predictions.) As we all know the groups have already been set and decided and now were anxiously awaiting the kickoff to the best tournament of the year. I’ve been reading predictions from all over the internet and I personally think most people haven’t a clue what there talking about.

In group A I would like to say Portugal shouldn’t have a problem advancing but it’s a lot easier said then done and I’m sure the Czech Republic will try there best at stopping that. Both teams are strong this year but I don’t think Ronaldo will be stopped by anyone in group A. Turkey will be a team to watch out for and they may creep into second place depending on how they do against the Czech.

For group B I strongly feel the Germans will win the group easily as they are the favorites to win the whole tournament this year. Nobody from group B will touch the Germans and they should have first locked up easily. I think the battle for second will be between Croatia and Austria but Austria will ride the advantage of playing at home and come through with second place.

Group C is by far the strongest group depth wise but first will go to Italy and second place to France. I think the Netherlands will be close to France though and it could swing either way for second and third place in the group. However I chose France because they seem stronger coming into the tournament at this time.

Group D will feature the defending champions Greece who I think will lock first place up with second going to Spain. I don’t see how either Russia or Sweden advances but the tournament is always filled with surprises so you never know.


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