Valencia finally saw some light in this year’s miserable season by winning the King’s Cup today. The team couldn’t have chosen a better time to bounce back from their struggles, as they beat Getafe 3-1 at the Calderon. This marks the team’s seventh King’s Cup, but it is arguably one of the most rewarding due to how unlikely it seemed throughout the course of the year. Valencia manager Ronald Koeman was certainly relived as this is one of the few accomplishments the team has had since his takeover. He later said, “I hope this triumph allows us to continue the rest of the season with a bit more tranquillity.” Koeman definitely still has his work cut out for him, but today’s victory should prove as a welcome boost.

Today’s performance was simply great, with Valencia going up 2-0 within the first twelve minutes. Getafe was able to hold the opposition off for a while after that, with a solid defense in the second half. Despite their efforts Valencia still managed to score once more, which basically put the game in the bag for them. Furthermore, Getafe’s offense was unable to get anything done due to Valencia crowding midfield. Near the end they were finally able to break through the midfield clamor, but failed at bringing their team back from the deficit. As Valencia and its fans started their ecstatic celebration, the Getafe players left the field in dismay for their second big stumbling in one week (they lost to Bayern Munich in the UEFA Cup earlier.)

Valencia has been a powerhouse in their region for quite a while and this year has been disappointing to say the least. This was their one glimmer this year and their new coach will need to keep this momentum going if he wants to be with the team for a long time.


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