Rafael Benetiz was clear when he recently stated that Torres is the player Liverpool relies on to get them out of trouble and without Torres the team wouldn’t be where it is today. Liverpool is about to play their first leg of the semi-final champions leagues match against Chelsea tonight and they will be looking for striker Torres to come through and solidify a win for the team who will be wearing red tonight.

Chelsea would tend to think and tell everyone that they feel there the clear favorites for this match-up but Liverpool wants to prove to the team in blue that they can hang with the big boys and can compete. Both Torres and Gerrard are the two key players when talking about Liverpool and if these players don’t come to play then they won’t stand a chance. If both these players play how they can and are expected to play then Liverpool could come through with a win tonight and a huge confidence boost going into the second leg of the semi-finals Thursday.

Both Torres and his counterpart Gerrard have combined for more then fifty goals this campaign and if one of them can score a crucial goal in tonight’s match it could motivate the team to a high that they’ve never felt in the past. Both these strikers have the ability to turn around a game and make it into Liverpool’s favor by scoring a quick goal. I’d think that Liverpool will need to score first in the match to hold any hope of beating Chelsea, if Chelsea scores the first goal then I think it’s over as Liverpool tends to lose it’s confidence when they allow an early goal.

Liverpool says that they have the confidence to beat any team that is against them and say they’ve been in this predicament before and know how to get out of it when they need to. Liverpool hasn’t had a champions league goal in the stadium where the game is being played tonight but they don’t think that will be an issue tonight and feel scoring shouldn’t be a problem.


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