Barcelona and Manchester United will be squaring off in the champions league semi-final and the clash of two superstars will be on hand for the match, which should cause for some interesting play. Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo will be meeting each other in this game and most people can’t wait to see how the two players perform in the semi-final. There is a lot of pressure on both of the teams to do good which makes the match-up that much better.

Messi has announced that although he’ll be going against Ronaldo it’s more about the team getting the win, then anything else and he wants to win over anything. He also thinks his team can beat Manchester and say they are confident going into the match and feel their team is strong enough. They feel there manager is one of the best in the leagues and don’t want to lose the opportunity for him.

Manchester isn’t an easy team to beat though will Ronaldo and Tevez plus the likes of many other star players Barcelona has it cut out for themselves in this match for sure. Barcelona’s striker was injured for the 2006 champions leagues matches and he wants to do damage this year now that he’s healthy.

The tale of who is the better soccer player will be on the line in the match-up and I would think that one of the team’s stars will need to score to secure their club’s victory. I hope Barcelona and Messi can beat Manchester United in the match but only time will tell. They need to score early and first to stand a chance but with their team they could do it. Soccer is known for anything happening and this match won’t be any different.


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  1. adil on May 17th, 2008 9:38 am

    manchester you have to win against chelsea

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