Chelsea’s title hopes remain as alive as ever after a 2-1 victory over Manchester United on Saturday. Both teams are now tied for first place in the standings, but Chelsea has the significant momentum advantage. Manchester United had their fate in their own hands for a little bit, but have now lost that due to a rebounding Chelsea team.

As expected the game was very intense and fast-paced. Both teams played aggressively and there were several very tense moments. Michael Ballack gave Chelsea the lead with a goal in 45 minutes, which was followed by Wayne Rooney’s goal about ten minutes after that. On the 86th minute Ballack received another opportunity to score, this time on a controversial penalty. The fans and both sides were anxious as Ballack took the shot. It went in, feeling like a blow in the stomach for Manchester United fans. Man U was unable to get anything together in the ending minutes of the game with a couple of failed attempts at scoring. They eventually had to accept defeat.

Manchester United will now face a lot of scrutiny and questioning on whether they can pull through with a strong finish. Chelsea’s defense wasn’t the best we have seen and the Red Devils did have their chances, but failed to get anything going. Chelsea on the other hand is now considered the favorite by some, with Manager Avram Grant showing that he hasn’t “lost it.” After the game Grant said that he is optimistic, but realizes that the next two games for Chelsea are almost must-wins. Obviously he also hopes for a Man U loss, which would give his team sole possession of first place. It is all going to come down to the wire and nothing could have really been better for the sport. It will be a great finish, no matter who wins; the waiting will just drive some of us crazy though.


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