AC Milan striker Ronaldo sure knows how to get the medias attention whether it is via his skillful play on the soccer pitch, unbelievably high number of knee injuries, and lastly hard his hard partying ways. The most recent incident involving Ronaldo and making the rounds in the media has more to do with his partying than his soccer abilities.

You see, Ronaldo was arrested in Rio de Janeiro after an altercation with three transvestites in a motel. Apparently, the Brazilian striker was looking for some good times with what he thought were female prostitutes not realizing their true sex. When he realized that he was not enjoying the company of women, an argument broke out resulting in the police being called over to resolve the situation. Lucky for Ronaldo, prostitution is not illegal in Brazil so he is free to go about his business recovering from his most recent knee injury. There is a bit more to this story but it has more to do with “he said, she said” type of commentary from the parties involved.

Honestly, however, how much lower is this former superstar going to go and what is it with Brazilian soccer players going from kings to peasants? Ronaldinho has also been in decline the last couple of years and Rivaldo is still causing troubles in Greece today after leaving Barcelona in ruins.


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