Sir Alex Ferguson was all smiles during his recent interview with the media. He believes that his Manchester United team has a strong chance of winning the semi-finals match against Barcelona and moving into the finals. The manager of the team feels that his players are far superior when compared to the Barcelona team, this is a topic I’ve seen a lot of discussion about and I agree with the manager on this topic.I think Manchester United is the stronger team but as we all know in soccer anything can happen and you can’t quite pick a definitive winner in games such as these. The semi-final match will be as important of match that any squad has played this season and perhaps in the past years.

The game will come down to the two superstars on the field and one will need to try and separate themselves from the crowd. Ronaldo has what it takes to stand above the rest and come through for his team but he also had a chance last match and couldn’t put the penalty kick in the back of the net and hit the post. With luck like this again then Barcelona may win but if Manchester capitalizes on only one of there many scoring opportunities then they should have no issue passing the second last round of the UEFA champion’s league.

Barcelona has played great soccer as of late but the depth on Manchester should overcome the Barcelona squad. Hargreaves, Ronaldo and Tevez are only three of Manchester’s magnificent performers and each one of them will play a huge role in the coming match. With solid performances from these three Manchester is untouchable and shouldn’t have a problem in the semi-finals or finals of this important champion’s league.


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