The UEFA cup looks like it’s going to be an exciting one this year with lots of players returning from bans and some out for the game due to being kicked out of the semi-final match. The Rangers and Zenit will both be without important players for this years finals and it should make the game real interesting. Daniel Cousin from the Rangers will be one of the key strikers out for the game as well as Zenit’s leading scorer Pavel Pogrebnyak. Zenit will be glad to have three players return from bans though and it could help them stay in this match.

This is going to be the very first time these two teams face-off against each other in European action. Both teams have had very successful campaigns and have already won a trophy each this year. It should make the game exciting but I think Rangers should prevail in this match. If you look at the stats both teams have done incredible jobs but the Rangers have the more successful stats this year.  The Rangers have only lost one match in Europe this year which happened in the second round way back in March. Since then they haven’t lost and haven’t given up a goal. The scoring also hasn’t been there for the squad but I think when it counts they will come through. Zenit won only three of their last five matches in the cup, and although that’s not bad it isn’t really that great either.

With Zenit missing their top scorer for the match I don’t see them having the power to pull a win off on the Rangers. You never know what could happen but if the stats prove to prevail then Zenit is in trouble. I predict a very low scoring game with the Rangers coming on top with a 1-0 victory.


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