What will happen in Euro 2008? No one knows for sure, but I can guess. Here are my picks for each division and why I think that particular team will take it:

Group A: Portugal and Czech Republic
Group B: Germany and Croatia
Group C: Italy and France
Group D: Greece and Spain

The reason I chose Portugal to win its group is quite simple: Christiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo is playing like no other at this point and opponents will have a tough time stopping him. Furthermore, the team is just very solid as a unit and I don’t see them seeing defeat soon (in fact, I have Portugal winning it all.) For the second spot in Group A, I think it will be a close one between Czech and Switzerland, but I believe the former will come out on top thanks to Petr Cech.

In Group B, I see Germany continuing to play well. For the other spot Croatia will take it. Poland has a shot at it, but in the end I think Croatia will overcome their problems to pull through.

I think most people have Italy in the top two of Group C. For the second spot France seems to be the favorite, even though Holland has often been undermined. I think it will be a close one, but France will be the ones celebrating, not the Netherlands.

Greece won it last time and they certainly have a shot this time. Although I don’t see a repeat happening, I definitely see Greece winning that group. For the second spot I think all three of the other teams (Spain, Sweden, and Russia) have a chance at it. I picked Spain, but I can really see it going either way.

As I look at the brackets more, the more confused I get. I changed my picks several times already, but I think I will stick with what I have above and see what happens. It really is tough to decide who will come out on top in soccer, but that’s just what is great about the sport.

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