With Euro2008 approaching at a rather lightning speed all of the needed plans have to be rolled into effect and not just for the teams but also in the committee. Recently this was showed off when the team buses were revealed to everyone. Each team got their own coach bus with their team colors and a Euro logo.

The buses were built by Hyundai/Kia, and feature great designs, so this year there will be no concerns about what team is driving around as you’ll be able to see their logos on the bus. The keys to the buses haven’t been handed to the teams yet and won’t be until May 28th at which point they will. Media is aloud to cover the event between 10-12 local time in TCS Fahrsichheitszentrum.There is also much going on with building viewing areas and zones for the fans and it’s in full affect currently in Basel. There has been a huge 60 square meter video screen frame installed and come June there will be a huge screen in the frame covering all of the action. The work is all being done at night so that traffic in the local region isn’t disturbed too much and I think it’s a better idea that way. Work is almost done with just areas being landscaped and temporary facilities being built on the roadsides.

The event is one of the biggest in the world so you can bet millions of people will be walking the streets come June in these local regions which are why so much effort is begin done to prepare the areas while the teams are out preparing to play. As you can tell there is more then just the teams involved in the Euros and it takes much work to get ready for the entire event. A big hand goes out to all of the local workers who have been setting up the viewing areas and facilities for this massive event and it appears as though everything is under control and should be ready come kick-off.


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