Defender Patrick Mueller walked out on his club team, Lyon, in order to try and compete for a spot on Switzerland (for Euro 2008). Lyon manager Alain Perrin advised Mueller not to leave, hoping that he would stay for Saturday’s French Cup final. The Swiss also have a pretty important match on Saturday, which will be the last friendly game before the official squad nominations. It is clear that Mueller cares more for making his native country’s Euro 2008 team than playing in the final with Lyon.

His decision may also have been effected by the fact that he is not guaranteed a spot in Saturday’s final since he has only played in one game this season due to a recent injury to his knee. Mueller’s contract is up at the end of the season and he is eager to prove himself again. He is doing what he believes is the best for his career and his future.

Upon hearing the news, his French teammates did not respond right away and sources say that the team is still undecided on whether to release him come Friday. There have also been rumors that he would get sanctioned for not going through with Lyon, but Swiss FA lawyers have said they don’t expect anything of the sort.

Swiss coach Kobi Kuhn said that he will play Mueller in this weekend’s game and is glad to see him try out, but a spot on the 23-man roster is not guaranteed. The player knows that, but he feels that he does have a legitimate shot at making the Switzerland team. He hopes to have a good performance against Slovakia, which will shed some good light on him. It is something that is very important to him, especially since its his home nation, and a bad day in the game would certainly be disappointing, not only because it jeopardizes his chances of making the team, but also because the bail-out on Lyon will stir up some emotions as well.


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