Spain hasn’t won at the Euro Cup for 47 years now and they will be looking to try their best to avoid the drought to continue for any longer. The squad is practicing right now before the tournament begins and feel like a united team. The morale of the squad is very high say the players and they just want the chance to get down to business and begin showing the world they came ready to play this year. Spain is in no means the favorite to win the tournament but they feel that they are right up there with the best of them and think they have what it takes to be able to win this year.

The star on the Spain squad is Sergio Ramos and they’ll definitely need to see him perform at his best to stand a chance in the tournament. Not only that but the Spaniards will need to see some help from unexpected talent as well if they have any hopes of going to the finals. The teams this year are very strong and although I feel that Spain has a shot it will take a lot of effort from there players to beat the likes of Germany or Italy in the tournament.

Ramos understands that Spain aren’t listed as the favorites but that’s not stopping him from saying that Spain will win the tournament. The 22 year old I’m sure is going to have a great tournament but the rest of the team is where my concerns begin. The team isn’t very well balanced and although they have a few superstars it’s not the caliber of line-up that you see on Germany. I can’t wait for the action to begin and with all the teams as anxious as us fans it should make for a brilliant summer.


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