If you’re like most of us, you’re already in a frenzy awaiting the start of Euro2008 but if you can’t wait until kick-off then you can start early now with the video game. UEFA Euro2008 is published by EA and went on sale today. The game is set-up so you can be in control of your favorite team and start playing the tournament in hopes of the cup. All of the stadiums that will be played in later this summer are also all featured in the game with stunning graphics. You can get a feel for the players, teams and stadiums now well before you embark on the trip to the Euro2008 Cup.The best part of the game to me sounds like it’s going to be the online feature which should be great fun leading up to the tournament. You can go online and battle against real players in mini games to earn points in hopes of getting your country atop of the leader board. There is also an online knockout session for people feeling like a challenge and in this section players can face either other in a knockout style game with their favorite country.

The game has very good graphics and I feel it captures the players and stadiums very well, and what a perfect time for EA to release the game. I’m sure it will get a ton of attention leading up to the actual tournament with many friends battling against their favorite countries, it should make for great entertainment. I will most likely go out and grab the game sometime today after I’m done with my blogging, simply because of the online portion. I love games that implement online portions and soccer is always a thrill on the Xbox.


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