After a 2-2 final in a friendly match against Belarus, Germany midfielder Torsten Frings admitted that his team needs to improve defensively if they want to win in Euro 2008. Germany is currently the favorite to win the tournament, but without a strong defense a win will be difficult for any team. The team was expected to do a lot better against Belarus, but they ended up making mistakes which led to two points by the opposition. Frings knows that it is crucial for the team to improve if they want to win in Austria and Switzerland.

He was sure not to single out the defenseman, saying that every player on the team is responsible for stopping the opposition. He also reassured Germany’s defenseman, saying that he believes Christoph Metzelder and Per Mertesacker are capable of taking on any striker in the tournament. Frings believes that the team can stop the best-of-the-best, but in order to do so he knows that they need to play smart and limit unnecessary mistakes like the ones they made against Belarus.

During the conversation Frings also expressed his support for Germany goalkeeper Jens Lehmann. He said that the whole team is behind him and they truly believe that Lehmann will be great for them. He is experienced and has what it takes to be an efficient goalkeeper. Analysts have recently been critical about the goalie though due to his lack of play this season after being released by Arsenal. The Belarus game just inflated the criticism. Lehmann also made a comment to the media in the wake of the game, admitting that he is struggling due to the new Euro 2008 ball. He hopes to continue practicing until he becomes familiar with it though.

At this point most teams have something or another which they need to work on, so Germany isn’t really behind anyone. They will just need to work hard to get the issues solved and if they can do that look for a strong showing in the tournament.


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