Chelsea has gone out and made its first major move after appointing Luiz Felipe Scolari as the new coach by signing Portugal playmaker Deco. The move improves an already stunning midfield and shows Chelsea’s commitment to winning. The move may also help team chemistry as Scolari was Deco’s coach for Portugal and Jose Bosingwa of […]

Ronaldo was enjoying his vacation with his girlfriend Nereida Gallardo while the paparazzi kept following them taking photos non-stop. It didn’t take long for Europe’s best soccer player to snap and give one of the many photographers the finger as you can see from the photo on the left. The Manchester United star has lots […]

The speed, skills, and sharp passing displayed by the Spanish squad throughout the 2008 European Championships was the right recipe of success for the team that rose to glory tonight capturing the 2008 Euro trophy in Vienna. Spain deserved more than any other team to win the tournament. They were consistent throughout the last 3 […]

After 3 weeks of a fantastic soccer tournament, the 2008 Austria-Switzerland European Championships is coming to an end with a game worthy of the tournament’s long history. Spain and Germany will meet in Vienna for the final game to claim the trophy for themselves. This is going to be a soccer fan’s dream final game. […]

Adidas will be supplying 30 soccer balls specially made for the 2008 European Championships final to be played tomorrow night in Vienna between Germany (3-time winners) and Spain (1-time winner in 1964.) The new balls that are going to be collector items considering that only 30 of them were made will have silver color; in […]

Sometimes as sports fans we forget that there is a whole other side to it all: the money. In reality sports leagues and teams are all just businesses trying to make money. Tournaments like Euro 2008 can be a very big payday for these groups and for us; well it’s just more excitement and thrilling […]

In case you missed it because UEFA now makes extra effort to not broadcast the antics of Jimmy Jump, he did strike again during the Germany versus Turkey semi-final game. We have photographic evidence to prove that Jimmy jumped on the pitch interrupting the game while security chased and eventually caught him. Jimmy performed his […]

The advancement to the finals is surely an exciting and happy moment for Spain, but everything about today wasn’t joyous for them. Some may call the victory bittersweet as David Villa suffered a muscular injury during the game, which is likely to keep him out of the finals game against Germany. Spain manager Luis Aragones […]

The second semi-final game of this year’s edition of the European Championships saw Spain dominating a very unfortunate Russia who made a decent effort early in the game but totally collapsed in the second half under the pressure of the very skilled Spanish squad. Spain dominated the second half with total procession and control in […]

The Germans and Turkish teams met yesterday for the first semi-final of this year Euro Cup and the game definitely ended up being better then I expected. I had the Germans to win the match and they did come out on top with a win of 3-2, but let me tell you I was on […]

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