The Germans and Turkish teams met yesterday for the first semi-final of this year Euro Cup and the game definitely ended up being better then I expected. I had the Germans to win the match and they did come out on top with a win of 3-2, but let me tell you I was on the edge of my seat watching most of the game. With Phillip Lahm’s late goal in regulation time the Germans were able to secure the win and move into the championship match of this years Euro Cup, this marks the sixth time that the Germans have been to the finals and they hope they can have great success.

Miroslav Klose has been turning the heat up as the tournament goes along and he now has a goal in both the quarter-final match and semi-final match. He is hoping the pattern will continue into the finals so that he can help his team win the championship. Usually Klose does well in the games that don’t mean anything, but it would seem this year he is turning it up at the right stage of the tournament. I believe he’ll be someone to watch for in the finals as a player who could decide the outcome of the game.

The only thing before the finals now is the second semi-final match which is today and will feature the Russians vs. the Spaniards. I believe that Spain will be able to win this game, and although Russia has been cruising I don’t think they’ll come through against Spain. Spain and Germany would be a great finals match and I got my money on Germany know matter who they end up playing.


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