The second semi-final game of this year’s edition of the European Championships saw Spain dominating a very unfortunate Russia who made a decent effort early in the game but totally collapsed in the second half under the pressure of the very skilled Spanish squad.

Spain dominated the second half with total procession and control in the midfield and some excellent passing upfront creating numerous chances and scoring 3 of them. The score could have easily been much higher if Spain had a bit more luck and better aim. Xavi opened the score in the 55th minute with a nice finish from a low cross while Guiza made it 2-0 less than 20 minutes later. In the meantime, Torres had missed numerous chances to widen the score. Silva was them man who made it 3-0 for Spain after receiving a great pass inside the Russian 18-yard box, bringing it down with his chest and them putting it over a Russia goalkeeper who came out sliding in a desperate attempt to prevent the inevitable. Casillas who was the hero for Spain in the quarter-finals spent most of this game a spectator although he did have to make a couple of nice saves very late in the game to keep a clean sheet for himself and his team.

Let us not forget that Spain have beat Russia twice in this tournament with an aggregate of 7-1 goals (they were both in Group D with Spain winning the first meeting between the two team 4-1.) They had done the same in Portugal’s 2004 Euro when the two teams met in the groups stage as well with both Spain and Russia failing to move on to the quarter-finals.

I can’t stress enough how beautifully Spain played in the second half. So far, I have really enjoyed watching this team play and they deserve more than anyone to be in the final game. Russia are a speedy squad but they looked slow in this game. I think Germany will have to really up their game on Sunday if they hope for a positive result against this amazing Spanish team.

To summarize, the 2008 European Championships game final will be this coming Sunday and feature Spain versus Germany in Vienna (Austria.) I can’t wait!


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