David VillaThe advancement to the finals is surely an exciting and happy moment for Spain, but everything about today wasn’t joyous for them. Some may call the victory bittersweet as David Villa suffered a muscular injury during the game, which is likely to keep him out of the finals game against Germany.

Spain manager Luis Aragones is remaining optimistic at this point, saying that the team will continue celebrating tonight and will deal with the issue later. He added that he has faith in his younger players, many who have good experience, despite their age. 21 year-old Cesc Fabregas, is one of these youngsters, and is also the player who will most probably taking Villa’s spot. The manager seems to believe in him and thus far in the tournament Fabregas and most of the Spanish team has played well, so perhaps Villa’s injury really isn’t too big of a deal.

Villa will surely be saddened if he can’t play in the finals after all of this, but it is all a part of the game. In the end he will still be given the credit he deserves and the team certainly considers him an integral part of them, but it will probably still hurt.


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