Euro moneySometimes as sports fans we forget that there is a whole other side to it all: the money. In reality sports leagues and teams are all just businesses trying to make money. Tournaments like Euro 2008 can be a very big payday for these groups and for us; well it’s just more excitement and thrilling games!

A recent report speculates that the upcoming Euro 2008 finals will generate somewhere in the ballpark of 300 million euros. An estimated 90 million euros are expected to end up in the victor’s hands due to the viral effect caused by a championship. Sales and sponsorship deals will make the bulk of the money for the teams and the prize money (around 23 million for both teams) will seem like very little compared to that.

It is not all bad for the losers either, who are expected to make about 40 million off of the game. That is in addition to the prize money for coming in second, which is around 20 million for both teams.

So where does the rest of the 300 million go? Mostly to businesses around Vienna, where the finals match is being played. It will be a very pleasant economic boost for Austria, and Switzerland will also make some money as well, since they are co-host for the tournament. All-in-all it will be a tremendous day for the businesses, economies, and teams participating. For us, it is all just about the fun.


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