In case you missed it because UEFA now makes extra effort to not broadcast the antics of Jimmy Jump, he did strike again during the Germany versus Turkey semi-final game. We have photographic evidence to prove that Jimmy jumped on the pitch interrupting the game while security chased and eventually caught him. Jimmy performed his stunt in order to promote the “free Tibet” cause which has received much media attention the last few months and especially during the worldwide Olympic flame tour. Below is a video compilation of photos of the event which you did not see on Wednesday.

Jimmy Jump has a habit of interrupting sporting events to communicate his message whatever that happens to be at the time. If you remember, he also made an appearance at the 2004 European Championships final running passed Luis Figo throwing a Barcelona flag at him and then getting caught in Nikopolidis’ net. Video of the event is below.

He also made an appearance last year during the Champions League final in Athens, Greece, and he also jumped in the middle of the England versus South Africa Rugby Mundial Cup which requires balls of steel considering that the rugby players can really hurt him!

Keep it up Jimmy!


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