Europass Gloria soccer ballAdidas will be supplying 30 soccer balls specially made for the 2008 European Championships final to be played tomorrow night in Vienna between Germany (3-time winners) and Spain (1-time winner in 1964.) The new balls that are going to be collector items considering that only 30 of them were made will have silver color; in addition, the names of the two teams and the time and place of the final match will be printed on them.

Adidas created the Europass soccer balls specifically for this tournament and are supposed to be the latest in ball technology. It has 14 aerodynamic panels and several “pimples” providing for better stability mid-flight. Many goalkeepers who had a chance to use the ball before the tournament’s start complained that the balls were hard to handle and many weird goals would be scored during the Euro just because of this.

This reminds me of the fuss players and goalkeepers created with regards to Teamgeist, I.e., the Adidas ball created for the 2006 German World Cup. In the end all the complaining amounted to nothing both back in 2006 and this year. The truth is that it would be hard for Adidas to create a ball that significantly effects the outcome of a soccer game. In fact, I think most of the advertised capabilities of these balls is nothing more than hype created by the company to justify selling them at a higher price.

At any rate, the special edition Europass Gloria balls will be used in the final game and as such will eventually sell as collectors items, as they should. I’m just really looking forward to watching the final game regardless of the soccer ball used.


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