The speed, skills, and sharp passing displayed by the Spanish squad throughout the 2008 European Championships was the right recipe of success for the team that rose to glory tonight capturing the 2008 Euro trophy in Vienna. Spain deserved more than any other team to win the tournament. They were consistent throughout the last 3 weeks and it is no surprise that they comfortably won each and every one of the 6 games they played in Austria and Switzerland.

The final score was 1-0. Fernando Torres scored the lone goal late in the first half after outrunning Lahm and beating Lehmann in the 33rd minute. Germany never looked capable of being a major threat for Casillas who only had to react a couple of times during a few minutes of German pressure around the 60th minute of the game. Spain had several chances to widen the score but after the final whistle was hear made little difference since the one goal signified that after 44 years, Spain were once more the European Champions.

For the record, below is the video of the deciding goal by Torres.

Congratulations to both teams bust especially Spain for the beautiful soccer they played making the tournament fun for all of us to watch. Teams will now have to focus on qualifying for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa; games for this should start in September and we will be here to provide you with the best coverage we can. We are also going to continue bring you the most important news and commentary from the major European leagues and competitions such as Champions League. Thank you for reading our articles the last 3 weeks and we hope to see you back again.


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