Chelsea has gone out and made its first major move after appointing Luiz Felipe Scolari as the new coach by signing Portugal playmaker Deco. The move improves an already stunning midfield and shows Chelsea’s commitment to winning. The move may also help team chemistry as Scolari was Deco’s coach for Portugal and Jose Bosingwa of Portugal was also signed by Chelsea this year.

The contract details have not been released, but estimates show that Deco’s contract is probably worth around 8 million pounds a year for two years. If those predictions are correct, Chelsea may have got themselves a steal as several sources valued Deco’s services at about 11 million annually. The only thing that he has going against him is really his age (30.)

Inter Milan had interested in signing the midfielder, but reports said that they were put off by the price, which they believed would be around 11 million. Someone at Chelsea seems to have done a fantastic job in bringing over the star. The new coach will certainly be happy about the addition and the team and its fans hope that this season’s changes will allow them to top Manchester United.

Scolari officially starts work with the team tomorrow morning and although he has a good roster to work with everything isn’t set in stone just yet. Defender Ricardo Carvalho and Lampard are both thinking about leaving the team and Scolari will certainly try to convince them not to. If the new manager is successful, this could be quite a year for the even-more stacked Chelsea team.


3 Responses to “Deco to Chelsea”

  1. Panther on July 1st, 2008 4:42 pm

    Come on, 30 is not old 🙂

  2. myp on July 3rd, 2008 12:02 am

    I agree, but in soccer terms it is near the end

  3. Panther on July 4th, 2008 12:41 am

    Considering that Rivaldo is pushing 40 and still playing for AEK in the Greek Superleague, Deco is still a baby player 🙂

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