The Euros has now been over for a couple days now and the game itself was amazing. I haven’t been able to get online and post until today about it but I really enjoyed the game and very glad about Spain coming out on top. The match was very wide open in the first half and everything was going back and forth pretty nicely and then a costly error by the German goaltender cost the Germans the championship. The goal was a very nice lob over the keeper and I bet Torres will be a king in Spain for years to come. The win ended a 44 year drought for the Spaniards and it couldn’t have come at a better time.

Now that the Euro2008 Cup is over the committee is already planning their first visit to the two countries co-hosting the next Euros in 2012. The two countries that will be hosting the Euro2012 Cup will be Poland and Ukraine. This was decided back in 2007 though so anyone who stays up to date with their knowledge will already know about the two countries hosting the next Euros.

Both Spain and Germany have already arrived home and both received very nice and welcoming fans. The streets were filled in both countries and although the Germans didn’t bring home gold they still held there heads high for the fans in Berlin.

I must say that I feel the Euros always goes by so quickly and there is never enough of it, but looks like for me and the rest of us we’ll need to wait another four years before the next Euros. At least on the bright side the Beijing Olympics will be beginning next month and that should be very entertaining and I can’t wait for that to get underway.


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