Manager Mark Hughes of Manchester City has his sights on Ronaldinho for the upcoming season. The team jumped at the chance to get the player after he was dumped by Barcelona and currently the two sides are in negotiation. They hope that the Brazilian will be the perfect compliment to recent acquirement Jo from CSKA Moscow, who is also of Brazilian decent.

Manchester City has already spent big money this offseason and has shown its fans that it is still committed to the game. If the Ronaldinho deal goes through we may be in for quite a season by City. Hughes told reporters recently that the star wants to join the team and is very positive about the prospect of joining the team. Nothing noteworthy has been said from the player’s side, but talks are going on. There has also been some speculation with a move to Chelsea for Ronaldinho.

Whoever gets him will certainly have a good boost, but teams must remember that this isn’t the same player that was number one not too long ago. There have been many questions about the Brazilians form and fitness of late and whether or not he can get back to his top shape. The teams currently chasing him seem to believe that they can get him to the top again; as City puts it they will be able to provide Ronaldinho with the platform to get him back to where he was a couple of years ago.


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