Barry Ferguson who is the captain of the Rangers FC soccer squad will be missing in action for the teams upcoming matches due to an injury. The injury couldn’t have really come at a worse time for the team, but they will need to make without because noone is going to show them any mercy. Rangers FC need to begin playing their qualifying rounds soon to see if they can make it into the UEFA Cup again this year.

The injury is on Ferguson’s ankle and this will keep him on the sidelines for at least three months and even when he returns it will take some time to get back into shape. Ankle injuries are one of the worst in soccer, because it’s nearly impossible to come back early unless there is absolutely no pain in the ankle.

Rangers who were finalists last year wanted to begin with a good note rather then such a negative note I’m sure. There hopes of winning the UEFA Cup this year just got a lot dimmer. The injury was only noticed during this week as well which means that there is definitely no way that he will be able to play until late September. With matches starting this month it’s a shame to see such a valuable player go down with an injury.

Someone is going to need to step up and fill the shoes of Ferguson, but with not much time until matches begin and everyone use to Ferguson running the show it will be difficult. We will have to wait and see how they can cope with the injury and loss of such a valuable player and this should be a true grit test for the Rangers FC team this year.


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