Manager Sir Alex Ferguson of Manchester United told reporters today that Christiano Ronaldo will not be sold. After meeting with the player earlier today, Ferguson thwarted rumors that the winger would be moving to Real Madrid. The coach said that he wasn’t nervous about the situation and believes that both the team and Ronaldo want him to stay. Manchester United says that they won’t rid of the player for the coming season, but whether or not they will be able to hold on to him into the future is unknown.

The star player, considered by many as the best in the world, has sent mixed signals about his future and whether he wants to move. He currently seems content with his position, but earlier this year he did raise some questions. What was cleared up today seems to be for this upcoming season only, so what happens in 2010 is still in the air.

During the announcement Ferguson also said that Ronaldo would miss three months due to an ankle injury. Man U wants to make sure that they don’t rush him back onto the field so that he doesn’t re-injure himself. The current plan seems to be four weeks of crutches and another four of rehab. After that Ronaldo is supposed to begin practicing and training on the field. Of course the time table can change depending on how the recovery goes, but if anything it will probably be extended because Ferguson was really adamant about not taking the risk of brining him back early.


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