Chelsea FC who is a team with a worldwide fan base stretching from continent to continent made a huge chance this off-season and ended up getting a new manager for the coming season. They hired Luiz Felipe Scolari and the team has been nothing but smiles when asked how they feel about the new manager. With the manager change this off-season it was hard to tell whether or not many more big changes would happen in Chelsea or not this season and we’ll it looks like the dust has calmed down a little bit.

The team recently has signed some of their star players to nice and long contract extensions which see their talent staying well into the year 2010. The most recent signing was with twenty five year old midfielder Michael Essien who is originally from Ghana. Chelsea signed Essien to a five year deal that will keep him with the squad until at least the 2013 season. He has been with Chelsea sine the 2005 campaign and now will be spending the better part of his career with the team. He has had nothing but the best to say about the new manager and the team and city itself in Chelsea and he couldn’t imagine playing anywhere else.

Chelsea also went and signed Petr Cech and Wayne Bridge recently to contract extensions which are showing me that they are confident with the team they have. They have been a team to compete with for years now and they look to try there best at capturing a UEFA Champions League title. They were finalists this past year and if they can do anything about it from falling short again this year I’m sure we’ll be blessed with seeing it.


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  1. michael akpan on August 2nd, 2008 2:05 pm

    I would be glad if chelseafc signs kaka because iam very keen on it.

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