Sir Alex Ferguson, manager of Manchester United, has started yet another exciting year of the intense rivalry with Chelsea by saying that he is not concerned by the Blues. He supported the comment by saying that he doesn’t believe Luiz Felipe Scolari (Chelsea’s new coach) will be able to repeat the success that Jose Mourinho once brought to Chelsea.

The rivalry is certainly going to continue this season as the Blues are once again considered to be the Red Devils’ biggest threat. That added with the fact that both teams have a burning desire to win makes it one of the best rivalries in soccer. Both sides are willing to do whatever it takes to win and that can clearly be seen by Chelsea’s rampant makeover this offseason as well as Man U’s effort into keeping their team as good as it was last year.

Ferguson doesn’t think Scolari’s squad will be able to keep up with his even with the new additions because many of the players are past their prime. Much of Chelsea’s core players are in their 30’s and are on the downhill part of their careers. The United manager, as well as some critics just don’t see such a squad going far in the ultra-competitive Premier League. To add insult to injury, Ferguson added that he is going to be wary of Arsenal and Liverpool this year as they continue to try to fight to the top.


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