As most of you out there most likely know the UEFA under 19 championships have been going on the past little bit, and now it’s down to only two teams to meet in the final match. The first semi-final match seen Italy beat Hungary with a score of 1-0 and the second semi-final match seen the German squad beating the Czech Republic by a score of 2-1. Both matches we’re both very entertaining and competitive and if you didn’t catch the action than I’m sure you’ve already seen the highlights.

The best match was the Germany and Czech match in my mind and both teams we’re fighting back and forth the entire game. It was an excellent showcase as to the youth that is about to be ready for the big leagues and I was very impressed with the composure of both the teams. It’s very difficult trying to play an international match with so much on the line, and at the tender age these teens are at right now it must be even more challenging for them to overcome and stay focused.

So the finals are going to be Italy against Germany and it is definitely lined up to be one of the great youth games ever seen. Both teams are of star quality and power and I expect a hard fought close battle. If I needed too choose a favourite for the game then I would go with the Italian squad to beat Germany. I expect the game to be close though and penalty kicks wouldn’t surprise me in this game.

The finals will be on July 26th which is only two days away, and lands on a Saturday which is great for everyone. Now there is a good chance that you should be able to watch the game if you want too since it lands on a Saturday and I know that I will be watching this one. It should be an awesome game and I expect a great fight between the two of them.


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