The Turkey born star Nihat Kaveci suffered an injury late in the recent EURO 2008 Cup and now he will be forced too miss the beginning of the UEFA champions league. Nihat is a player on the Villarreal FC squad and he was looking forward to starting this season off with a bang, but now he won’t even be able to take the field until at least after the first couple games. Kaveci is expected to return by October, but again this could also change depending on how well he can recuperate.

Nihat has mentioned that he does not feel any pain in his leg and that the recovery should go as planned, and he should be back by October the latest he hopes. The training staff is excellent with the Villarreal squad and he has no concerns about the way they have been assisting him with his recovery.

Nihat is really disappointed that he won’t be able to play the season from the beginning, but he also knows that there is nothing he can do about it now. The only thing he can do is continue to train, which he has been doing daily by himself. He has been making himself as ready and in shape as possible so that when he does return he isn’t too fair behind his team-mates. Currently Nihat is practicing and training on his own which is another negative since he isn’t training with his team-mates but once he has more strength in his leg I’m sure they’ll have him out there training with the rest of the team.


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