Well it’s been roughly a month now since we we’re all hyped up in the UEFA Euro2008 action and now that it’s all done and gone with we can look back on this year’s action. The organization crew from this year’s Euros have recently sent out their final report of how they felt everything was handled.

The fans, teams and matches we’re all set too new standards says the crew of this year’s Euro2008 action. That’s a big statement too say, but I agree with the fact that fans handled themselves better then most times international teams meet. The teams also stuck too football which was important with keeping the fans involved and focused with the match and nothing else.

The crew this year had three and a half years too prepare for the tournament and four years ago they only had two and a half years too organize everything. The extra year of preparations have helped make this past Euro2008 tournament one of the best we’ve ever had.

The only problem that needs too be looked at right now is the sales of black market tickets that have raised each and every tournament. This isn’t a very big issue if you think of it in hinds light, but the money lost throughout the tournament is quite a bit. They did everything they could this year too limit the sales of black market tickets and many tickets we’re seized throughout the action.

Overall the Euro2008 tournament this year was nothing but a success, and hopefully four years from now the tournament only gets better. It’s great too see football becoming so popular around the world. And I’m sure with the fans and teams acting more civilized it will only help attract more fans.


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