The ongoing speculation of Liverpool acquiring Aston Villa midfielder Gareth Barry may be coming to an end soon as the club has said that the star player will be staying with them. Barry had expressed interest in joining Liverpool, but it doesn’t seem like things will turn out the way he wanted. Villa was willing to transfer the player, but have now backed out on that after Liverpool failed to offer the requested 18 million pounds before Villa’s deadline.

The deadline was set and agreed upon by both sides in the past week of negotiations, but neither side was willing to budge on their offers to make anything happen. Barry will certainly be disappointment, but Villa hopes that he will stay committed to their team and put in the same effort as he has in years past. Not getting a shot to play in Champions League games will definitely be a downer for Barry, but perhaps he will get a shot to play for a big team some time later in his career. For now it doesn’t seem likely.

How the transition back to his old team will go is up in the air. Barry and manager Martin O’Neill have a bit of a rough patch between them after the English midfielder told reporters that he was upset that the manager hadn’t involved him more in the decisions concerning his future.


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