Wayne Rooney Manchester UnitedIt was not long ago that we wrote about Manchester United star C. Ronaldo who was caught on camera giving a paparazzi the finger. Now, it was the turn of the team’s young striker Wayne Rooney to get into trouble with a photographer. Apparently, Rooney did not take kindly to a photographer who was trying to take a photo of him with his wife. Rooney defending his wife by spitting on the man. The police interviewed the soccer player at the scene but did not arrest him. Interestingly, spitting on someone in the UK is considered assault so as you can tell this is a relatively serious affair. Rooney pleaded his innocence with the police who talked to him at the scene but he did not deny spitting on the photographer.

Wayne Rooney needs to seriously learn how to control his temper. Any player on Manchester United’s roster will be a target for the paparazzi and especially so someone as talented as Rooney. The player needs to learn how to properly handle his fame. He should not forget that he is paid millions of dollars to kick a ball around for our entertainment; he is not splitting atoms for crying out loud! I love soccer and all but it really bothers me when these millionaire players take the high road when they are who they are because of the rest of us. So, relax and take it like a man Rooney (and Ronaldo.)


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