Spain is still feeling the magnificent win in the Euro2008 tournament this year after beating the Germans in a well fought battle in the championship match. No team has had long of a break and I don’t know if that will play into their favour or not, but only time will be able to tell us that. Spain’s first match for qualifying is going to be played this Wednesday.

Expect to see a lot of coaching changes since the recent Euros and actually there have been more changes then expected. Of course Italian coach Donadoni is out with his team’s poor performance in the Euros, and other notable coaching changes consist of Spain, Switzerland and Netherlands.

With so many team’s having disappointing results this year at the Euros it doesn’t make all the coaching changes too much of a surprise, but to me it’s still a little shocking. With the FIFA qualifying matches so close in proximity from the Euros you’d think that the nations would give their coaches a chance to continue playing with the team, but it would seem noone offers second chances in soccer.

Spain and Germany will be looking to continue their success at the FIFA qualifying matches and move into the World Cup looking in good shape. Many teams such as Italy, Greece, Netherlands, Turkey, Romania and Poland will all be looking too improve upon their Euro results.

FIFA World Cup will be held in South Africa and I can’t wait for it to get underway, but it’s still quite awhile away so there is much too look forward to in the world of soccer before the World Cup.


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