After the terrible coaching job done by Donadoni the Italians we’re forced to find a new coach, and they’ve brought back a familiar face by the name of Marcello Lippi. Lippi was the coach of the Italians when he took then all the way to the championships in the FIFA World Cup in Berlin. Marcello didn’t just get the Italians to the championships either, they also won the game and became the FIFA World Cup champions.

With the 2010 FIFA World Cup arriving sooner then most people expect there is a lot of work to do over in Italy to make sure there ready for the world event. The sixty year old has great experience with coaching championship teams as we all know and I think he’ll be able to help turnaround the Italians disappointing results in Euro2008.

The first hurdle will be tonight against Austria and although the game doesn’t mean anything for any standings or rankings it will help the Italians fans determine whether or not Lippi has what it takes. It’s important to have the fans on your side when you’re a new coach, and the worst way to do that would be for Lippi to lose to Austria tonight.

One of the new faces that Lippi will have the pleasure of dealing with is Alberto Gilardino who is expected to do great for the Italians. He’s only 26 so he should be right into his prime for the World Cup which is only two years away now. He just managed to score a UEFA Champions League qualifying goal this year and now he would love nothing more then to score for his home country when it counts the most in World Cup action.


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